Ecuador Investment Summit


On October 25-26 Pro Ecuador organized an Investment Summit for the first time in its history. WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar delivered a keynote speech on the Importance of FDI in the Competitive Development of the Economies and the Potential of Latin America for New Investments within the Framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Skalar stated: “We share a common global business environment. It binds our fates together. The policies we implement today have global imprints. And this makes us more responsible for actions that affect the global economy.” Unfortunately, the level of FDI is lagging behind, and both developed and developing countries are facing the effects of decreased FDI. Skalar: “This shared concern drives our future strategy. We get together here to devise a plan to the get global economy going again. And this plan sums up to investment. Investment we need to promote. Investment, that builds the competitive potential of individual economies and integrates them in regionally. Sustainable and inclusive investment.”

With sustainable investments, it is understood that infrastructure, industry, innovation and production take place taking sustainability into account. Bostjan Skalar stressed that “we realize today that our growth must have a positive and sustainable effect on the environment and that we are here today for a discourse on mutually agreed reforms that combine sustainability and growth.”

WAIPA promotes investment promotion integrated with UN SDGs. Skalar: “We envision investments that are profitable for the communities and the investors alike. We seek development that brings competitors together, delivering outcomes shared by local, regional and global stakeholders.”

Skalar finished by thanking the organizers and stating that “The Ecuador Investment Summit 2016 is a historic milestone for a country that seeks foreign support to create an ideal space for business relations. We all should take advantage of this event by promoting long term ties and encouraging investment in Ecuador, in Latin America and across the globe.”

On the sidelines of the Summit, Bostjan Skalar met with Minister of Foreign Trade Juan Carlos Cassinelli.


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