Islamic Development Bank Board Meeting in Jeddah

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On May 14-18, 2017, WAIPA Deputy CEO Ismail Ersahin participated in a high-level discussion panel on “Risk Mitigation tools to support GCC’s investment in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region”, which was organized by ICIEC in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Board of Governors Meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.




The panel enabled participants to discuss on how the corporation is intending to meet the investors requirements in terms of profitability and risk mitigation tools as well as delivering projects and services which are in line with the IDBG development impact requirements.

Ismail Ersahin said “IPAs are not simply promoting but also facilitating and providing aftercare services. They are as successful as the tools that they are equipped with and ICIEC provides an excellent one. WAIPA proudly signed and MOU with ICIEC and joined forces to empower IPAs also to give them risk mitigation role to more efficiently welcome investors to their respective countries.”