WAIPA Training Center Welcomes Member IPAs

WAIPA Training Center

On February 28th, IPA representatives from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Flanders, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Japan and Italy visited the office for an informal opening reception. The reception was hosted in the new WAIPA Training Center.

The WAIPA Training Center consists of 5 training rooms with different sizes to accommodate 15 to 40 participants each and 120 in total. We are pleased with the space and the opportunities that our new office provides us, and our members, with. Kindly refer to the WAIPA Training Center brochure for more information. Should you be in Istanbul, you are most welcome to come and visit us as we always value contact with our members and would love to discuss possible cooperation with you or learn from your feedback. If you are in Istanbul please know that our premises are at your disposal. Email us at info@waipa.org or call us at +90 212 465 0025 and we look forward to welcoming you at our office.

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