UNCTAD seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa

On 29-30 May, 2017: Regional seminar on the promotion of bankable SDGs projects that was organized by UNCTAD and WAIPA Member Department Trade and Industry Republic of South Africa (DTI) took place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

16 IPAs from Africa attended the seminar to learn about best practices in global and regional foreign direct investment trends. Experts from UNCTAD, outward investment agencies, best performing IPAs from Africa, and private sector representatives exchanged their experiences.

WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar underlined the need for quality investment to reach Sustainable Development Goals during the panel “Programmes and partners for promoting investment in the SDGs”.


He highlighted the importance of private investments and stated that private investment enables job creations, spurs innovation and provides essential infrastructure for economies to strengthen public and corporate governance. However, scaling up investment does not solely guarantee development for any country. Development are majorly dependent on the quality of investment, he said.

Skalar also explained that WAIPA is encouraging reforms to ensure an enabling environment for investment by promoting international good practice, coordinating and collaborating with international stakeholders, and partnering with IPAs, investors and global institutions.