WAIPA and the World Bank Group jointly organized Pilot Training on FDI at WAIPA Training Center in Istanbul




From 17-20 July WAIPA and the World Bank Group jointly organized the Pilot Executive Training on FDI. More than 30 participants and 22 agencies from 9 Steering Committee Regions participated in the first training in WAIPAs new Training Center in Istanbul.




This course 4-day full training program followed the life-cycle logic. Sessions included moderated group discussions, as well as best practices sessions from IPAs and the business sector, around the following topics, e.g.:

  • The evolution of FDI, its role in development, international investment agreements and the current debate on globalization.
  • Anchoring Investment Policy Reforms: how to translate investment strategies into concrete reform agendas that lead to measurable results
  • Attracting Investors: becoming visible and attractive for new types of investment
  • Removing Barriers to Entry, with a focus on services sectors
  • Investment Incentives: do they work?
  • Making Investors Stay in the Long Term: investment protection and expansion
  • Promoting Linkages between FDI and the Local Economy


This pilot training helped IPAs to strengthen capacities regarding the effectiveness of policies and efforts aimed at attracting and facilitating FDI, to gain knowledge in good practices in improving the effectives of investment incentive and to better understand how to retain FDI and maximize the positive spillovers of FDI for their economy.

Furthermore, we thank the General Manager of CISCO Turkey Mr Cenk Kivilcim and the Spanish Banco Sabadell for their valuable input to learn directly from investors what IPAs need and how better cooperation can lead to better results.


Group photo


WAIPA and the World Bank plan to keep working closely together both regarding capacity building and research. WAIPA and the whole team is looking forward to this fruitful collaboration.

Please find the full report of the training here.