WAIPA at the Regional Seminar on the Promotion of Bankable Sustainable Development Goal Projects for Asia and the Pacific

Following the regional seminars in Mexico and South Africa on the promotion of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) projects, UNCTAD organized the next seminar, for Asia and the Pacific, from 29 to 30 May 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand.




Hosted by the International Institute for Trade and Development of Thailand, the seminar focused on developing and marketing bankable SDG investment project proposals which investment promotion agencies (IPAs) can use in their promotional work. Experts from UNCTAD, outward investment agencies and institutions, best practice IPAs from the region, and the private sector presented and shared lessons learned.




WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar was invited to speak on the promotion of partnership for financing the SDGs. In his speech he highlighted joint efforts to strategically promoting SDG investment opportunities to ensure better positioning of projects. He said that WAIPA stands to bring together all international partners from developing and developed countries to cooperate for promoting investment in the SDGs.