WAIPA Calendar of activities 2018

We are delighted to inform you that this year we have strengthen our capacity-building activities. The field of investment promotion is constantly changing. An unpredictable world economy, new technologies and types of investment as well as increasing global competition for investment means that the pressure on investment promotion agencies to adapt and perform is greater than ever.

We have prepared more than 10 trainings throughout 2018 that will be conducted with renowned trainers and experts from the field of FDI to provide you with the knowledge and skills to compete in a dynamic and competitive global environment:


  1. 16-18 January 2018, FDI Excellence Series: FDI Essentials, at WAIPA Training Center Istanbul
    A complete introduction to the world of FDI, this course covered the key concepts, trends, investment drivers and success factors that all investment promotion professionals must understand to be effective. Here you can read the summary of the FDI Essentials.


  1. 20-22 February, UNIDO-WAIPA Executive Training Programme for Investment Promotion Agencies, at WAIPA Training Center Istanbul (supported by TIKA) Inspired by the growing ‘’Impact Investing’’ movement and its potential to drive new resources and new thinking to investment promotion stakeholders driving social change in respective countries, this specific programme is targeted at high-level representatives of IPAs from selected developing countries of Africa and Central Asia & Caucasus. Read the summary of the event here.


  1. 13-15 March 2018, – FDI Excellence Series: FDI Attraction at WAIPA Training Center Istanbul FDI Attraction in collaboration with Andreas Dressler, 13-15 March 2018, WAIPA Training Center Istanbul A results-oriented course where participants will learn how to proactively identify, approach, and attract investors, as well as to compete successfully for investment projects using different business development. For registration and further information please click here.


  1. 8 April 2018, workshop at Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai, UAE**
    Pre-conference workshop “Emerging technologies and opportunities for Investment Promotion Agencies”. This workshop will aim to look at how IPAs can contribute to create a sound investment climate for attracting and promoting emerging technologies, and at the same time how these emerging technologies can be used to further attract investment. **Head of member IPA receive (one) complimentary pass for AIM. For further information please click here.


  1. 9-13 April 2018, in Turin, Italy – WAIPA-ILO “Effective investment facilitation and sustainable development”
    Working with best practices and tools, participants will gain a better understanding of how to improve investment facilitation to enhance the development impacts of FDI flowing into their countries, particularly concerning the creation of more and better jobs and the overall contribution of FDI in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For registration and further information please click here.


  1. 22-24 May 2018, in Helsinki, Finland – FDI Excellence Series: FDI Marketing
    This course will address the full range of marketing techniques and channels that IPAs can use to promote their locations – including websites, social media, advertising and public relations – as well as the development of value propositions for target audiences. For registration and further information please click here.


  1. July 2018 – FDI Excellence Series: FDI Facilitation.
    Participants in this course will gain practical knowledge about how to work with and assist investors at various stages of their project, increasing their ability to provide support that investors truly value.


  1. October 2018 – FDI Excellence Series: FDI Leadership.
    This course is designed for agency management, department heads and team leaders and covers the key issues required to create and run an effective investment promotion operation, from integrating FDI with other functions such as trade, developing effective organizational and reporting systems, to building partnerships and engaging with outside stakeholders.


  1. November 2018 – 23rd WAIPA World Investment Conference 2018, WIC18.


  1. December 2018 – FDI Excellence Series: FDI Aftercare
    A practical course that will provide guidance and techniques for engaging with existing investors to develop opportunities for their future investment and growth, managing the risk of losing investors and enhancing the IPA’s advocacy role on behalf of foreign investors.


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For any questions or additional information please contact eva.salamon@waipa.org.

Published on Jan 30, 2018