WAIPA CEO at ICIEC’s high level panel discussion in Tunis

Tunis, 3 April 2018: The IDB Group Private Sector held annual meeting to discuss development issues and institutional matters. The Private Sector Forum showcased activities, services and initiatives in OIC countries and provided unique platform for participants to network and establish business relations and partnerships with other leading representatives and counterparts from local business community and to share related experiences, success stories and best practices.

The main theme “Catalyzing strategic alliances between export credit agencies and MDBs to address commercial and political risks” provided a comprehensive overview of the state of investment and trade in the OIC member countries, with a view to identifying existing opportunities, investment climate challenges, perceptions of investor and traders, while shedding the light on the role of Governments, MDBs, ECAs and Private Sector Business Partner on the linkages and drivers of investment and trade.

WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar participated as one of the lead speakers in the second sub-session on “The role of ECAs and Banks in securing domestic and regional Trade flows”. The session focused on the following topics:

  • Building capacity in OIC ECAs to provide new tools and services to boost trade and investment
  • Where ECA demand will come from in the future in terms of countries and sectors
  • Challenges in assessing investment and trade risks and opportunities, particularly in Africa and in energy sector
  • Co-operation and partnership between banks, ECAs and others to accelerate intra-OIC trade and investment

Skalar in his speech highlighted that WAIPA’s aim is to equip its members with the right skill so that they can convince their decision makers.  He shed a light on importance of WAIPA working together with various stakeholders, such as their Consultative Committee members: UNCTAD, UNIDO, World Bank, ICC, IEDC, OECD and ILO, as well as other partners such as the World Economic Forum, ITC and ICIEC.



Published on Apr 03, 2018