WAIPA CEO at Second Workshop of the OECD IPA Network in Paris

Paris, France- WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar participated at the second meeting of the OECD IPA Network that took place on 16 October, 2017 at the OECD Headquarters to discuss current and emerging trends and practices in investment promotion and facilitation.

The purpose of this OECD workshop was to strengthen the OECD IPA network and hold exchanges on emerging investment promotion practices, innovative investment attraction tools, IPA institutional choices, their role in facilitating investment and enhancing the business environment, and their co-ordination processes within government and with the private sector.

WAIPA CEO joined the third session on effective use of incentives as investment promotion tool. He said that incentives can be useful, particularly also in terms of sustainable investments, but they have to be one part of the whole. If there is a sound legal framework, with ideally transparent incentives then it might work very well. But IPAs are just one part of the whole.

He also outlined that improving legal and institutional practices and targeting sectors is crucial in making investment incentives more effective and efficient.