WAIPA CEO at Sixth WEF Roundtable in Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland- On October 30th, 2017 WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar participated on the Sixth Roundtable – Investment for Sustainable Development Trajectory: Facilitating Investment for Sustainable Development II. This workshop was the sixth in the 2016/2017 series of investment policy dialogues, jointly organized by the World Economic Forum and ICTSD, with the support of the Government of the Netherlands.

At the previous Roundtable on 5 July 2017, participants discussed the meaning of investment facilitation for sustainable development, discussed the role of sustainability characteristics in addressing the qualitative element of investment facilitation and explored supporting mechanisms.

This dialogue focused on investment facilitation agreements and share of best practices on facilitating sustainable investment.




The roundtable participants discussed the rationale of supporting investment facilitation programs in developing countries; examined the necessary elements of a model investment facilitation agreement, drawing on lessons from regional and bilateral trade agreements and addressing sustainability concerns; examined how sustainability criteria could be used in an investment facilitation agreement; shared examples of developing country experiences in facilitating sustainable investment and thus identify best practices; discussed actions governments should be undertaking to identify, create and support sustainable investment projects, as well as investment facilitation policies they need to implement; identified challenges, especially for developing countries, in carrying out investment facilitation policies and practices; and last but not least, discussed what could be done to assist developing countries in this regard, including institutional capacity building, sharing of best practices and multilateral/plurilateral action.




WAIPA CEO underlined two main issues on the topic of “Facilitating Investment for Sustainable Development”, namely strategy or definition and coordination. “It can be argued that all investments are positive, as they ideally create beneficial spillovers, and for some countries or regions it is indeed more difficult than for others to merely receive investments let alone the desired sustainable investments. However, in order to meet the challenges ahead there must be a deepened focus on sustainable FDI ” he said.