WAIPA Certification Course with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Columbia University

From July 2 until July 5 2018 investment promotion officials assembled in the WAIPA Training Center in Istanbul, Turkey for the first WAIPA Certification Course on “International Investment, Investment Promotion and Sustainable Development”.

This 3,5 day executive training, organized by our partner Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), Columbia University covered key trends and issues relevant for understanding FDI – and the role of IPAs in shaping it – in an era that is linked to an unprecedented degree through global value chains, experiencing rapid technological transformations, and that must pay much more serious attention to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of international business activity.




Course covered disciplines and issues including international business, economics, law and sustainable development:

  • SDGs and Their Connection to FDI
  • Where Does The FDI Go? Recent Patterns in FDI Flows
  • Drivers and Determinants of FDI: Applying traditional concepts to modern trends
  • Influencing FDI: Costs and Benefits of Various Strategies
  • Focus on Investment Incentives: Whether, why, to whom and how to grant them
  • Shaping the Impacts of FDI: A role for host and home country governance
  • Assessing the Expected and Actual Impacts of FDI
  • Focus on PPPs: value, risks, and how to structure them
  • Focus on IPAs

This certification course helped participants to gain skills and knowledge in FDI. They developed a better understanding of FDI flows and sustainable development, how to measure FDI impact and gained knowledge about harnessing FDI and the role of government, strategies and practices of IPAs.

Instructors included Lise Johnson and Brooke Guven from the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Sarah Bauerle Danzman, an assistant professor of International Studies at Indiana University, Ellen Harpel from Smart Incentives and Douglas Van den Berghe from Investment Consulting Associates.

Click here to see the photos from the course.