WAIPA Executives meet with OECD Deputy-SG Rinaro Tamaki


Paris, 28 June: WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar and deputy CEO Ismail Ersahin met with OECD Deputy Secretary General Rinaro Tamaki to discuss stronger cooperation. OECD is a member of WAIPAs Consultative Committee.

With reference to the Sustainable Development Goals, WAIPA and OECD agree that investment promotion agencies can play an important role in decreasing inequality. The topic of discussion at OECD’s headquarters was focused on how both organizations can further empower investment promotion agencies and how can IPAs  make better use of OECDs annual investment policy review?

OECD invited WAIPA to  participate in the OECD investment week including a special meeting with OECD member IPAs this October. WAIPA invited OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria to speak at the WAIPA 21st World Investment Conference 2016, to take place in Istanbul on 14 October.