WAIPA in Shanghai, China

On May 22-24, 2017, The World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment took place in Shanghai, China.

WAIPA CEO Bostjan Skalar participated in the vibrant panel “The future of FDI”, moderated by the renowned international business correspondent and presenter Richard Quest.


Shanghai Stage


With more and more developing and under developed countries seeking FDI to contribute to various economic issues that cause widespread poverty in their countries, Skalar highlighted the importance of IPAs. He stated that the IPAs are helpful to the host countries in managing their economic concerns, which has increased the popularity of FDI as a tool to drive development.

In order to be able to use FDI in the most effective manner, constant capacity building is necessary for IPAs, with focus, not only on how to attract investors, but also regarding after care in order to be a reliable partner, before, during but also after investments. For this WAIPA always advocates the IPAs not just to empower them technically and financially but also make them “politics-proof”.


Shanghai Group


Skalar furthermore expressed his concerns about protectionist policies. He said, that by restricting access to foreign investors, a country damages its competitiveness, it fails to develop essential supply networks, forward and backward linkages, and its ability to foster new development.