WAIPA successfully starts 2018 with the first of “The FDI Excellence Series” courses – “The FDI Essentials” in collaboration with Andreas Dressler

From 16-18 January, 2018 WAIPA organized The FDI Essentials training, which was the first out of six separate FDI Excellence Series courses that will be organized throughout 2018.

Participants from the EU, South America, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa Steering Committee Regions convened at the WAIPA Training Center in Istanbul to gain knowledge from Andreas Dressler, who is one of the world’s leading advisors in the field of foreign direct investment, as well as from other selected FDI practitioners and professionals, such as Natalia Guerra from UNCTAD, David East from Bureau van Dijk and John Rutherford OBE.




The course covered following topics:

  • Definitions and types of FDI – what are the key modes of foreign investment? What are the benefits and risks of FDI for host locations?
  • Drivers of FDI and location choices – what drives international investment decisions and how do companies choose where to locate?
  • Global FDI trends – where are companies investing today and why? Where is investment coming from? What factors are influencing global investment flows?
  • National investment policies – what policies can governments put in place to attract more and higher quality investment?
  • International investment regulations and agreements – how do international agreements affect the flow of FDI?
  • Role and functions of IPAs – what are the key functions of IPAs and what they require to be successful? What other stakeholders are important in FDI attraction?
  • The FDI market – who are the key players in the global market for FDI? What opportunities exist for IPAs to position themselves in this market?
  • Competition among locations – how do locations compete with one another? What methods and tools can IPAs use to compete effectively?
  • Key success factors – what are the factors that determine how successfully IPAs and locations can attract investment? What can IPAs do differently from their competitors?
  • Global best practices – who are the most successful locations and IPAs around the world and what makes them the best?

The training helped IPAs to strengthen foundations of the FDI world, covering the key concepts, trends, investment drivers and success factors that all investment professionals must understand to be effective in a dynamic and competitive global environment.

The FDI Series continues on 13-15 March 2018 with the FDI Attraction course.

Published on Jan 25, 2018