FDI Excellence Series – “FDI Aftercare” Training in Budapest, Hungary

As part of the first edition of the FDI Excellence Series training program, WAIPA in collaboration with Andreas Dressler/FDI Center was hosting a training course on FDI Aftercare in Budapest on December 13 and 14, 2018. The course focused on how investment promotion agencies (IPAs) can take advantage of their existing base of foreign investors to generate new investment and employment.


WAIPA was proud to host investment promotion professionals from 13 different countries around the world; Cape Verde, Greece, Finland, Lebanon, Italy, Kuwait, Niger, UK, Bangladesh, Macao, Hungary, South Africa and Slovenia.

Aftercare is becoming increasingly important as foreign direct investment slows down around the world. In addition to helping investors resolve problems so they can grow, aftercare is also crucial to helping locations move up the value chain by enhancing the activities of existing investors. The training was highly practical and provided participants with real skills and proven techniques for supporting existing investors.

Participants in this course learned how to:

  • Select companies for aftercare and determine priority key accounts
  • Develop specific services to provide to companies as part of aftercare
  • Deal with the main issues faced by investors and the challenges of providing aftercare
  • Build relationships with companies that strengthen their ties to the local community
  • Coordinate the support of other entities to develop an effective aftercare program
  • Monitor existing investors to identify companies at risk
  • Proactively identify opportunities for companies to grow or expand the scope of their activities
  • Use aftercare to enhance the advocacy role of the IPA

Special thanks to Marielle Balk Haasnoot from Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Dora Dweik from HIPA for sharing best practices and experiences with us and our colleagues from Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency for hosting us.