FDI Excellence Series: INNOVATION IN INVESTMENT ATTRACTION training course in Istanbul


This session will focus on the latest developments that are shaping foreign direct investment as well as the most exciting advances in the field of investment attraction. Topics to be covered include:


  • Global FDI trends including changes in geographical investment flows and the types of projects locating in different areas of the world.
  • Current drivers of FDI and the impact of geopolitical developments.
  • Industry trends and the emergence of new sectors that are generating increased investment activity.
  • The impact of new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence on investment and FDI attraction strategies.
  • The changing role of investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and new models for investment promotion around the world.
  • Innovative approaches and best practices in different areas of investment attraction, including marketing, lead generation and aftercare.
  • The growing use of technology in investment attraction and successful cases of IPAs that are applying new technological solutions.



To download the program of the Innovation in Investment Attraction training pleaseĀ click here