Message From President


Dear WAIPA members and colleagues,

When I took over the Presidency of WAIPA a clear strategic vision was conceived by my team. The aim was to make WAIPA a pragmatic, independent and reputable organization as the active voice for IPAs all around the world. With great joy and pride I recognize WAIPAs developments in the last years under my Presidency and with even greater enthusiasm I look forward to the numerous activities we will undertake in the near future.

As we at WAIPA see that cooperation creates value for all it was an important step to work together with global leaders and to establish our Consultative Committee consisting of UNCTAD, UNIDO, ICC, IEDC, ILO, OECD and The World Bank. These strong ties enable us to position ourselves as a true advocate for our members.

Adding to our existing capacity building courses we will launch a series of long-term training programs with our partners for which we also opened our Training Center, perfectly located and easily reachable for our members, in our Permanent Secretariat in Istanbul. By this we reached the next level in our development making it possible for us to provide, conduct and manage on-site the opportunity to exchange best practices and capacity building in investment promotion, which will help us to further establish us as leader in training and capacity building for IPAs.

Furthermore, we enhanced our research capabilities. There is a long-term partnership in place with Indiana University, a joint research questionnaire with the World Bank on the investment cycle as well as a joint WAIPA and Columbia University survey on sustainability will be launched, which ensure us to provide our members with analysis, data and results-oriented procedures on FDI.

Moreover, we are happy to announce that the World Investment Conference 2017, the 22nd in WAIPA’s existence, will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the end of November 2017 proudly hosted by WAIPA Member Dubai FDI, the Dubai Department of Economic Development – Foreign Investment Office, and we invite our members, investment promotion professionals, international organization leaders, heads of financial institutions, politicians, academics, consultants, economists and other experts in the field of investment promotion and foreign direct investment to participate in WAIPAs flagship event.

Finally, our strategy for the upcoming time will include further actively advocating to governments to empower investment agencies, to further expand structural integration with other international organizations, to include more business and corporations to participate in trainings and to focus also on sub-national and city IPAs to expand their reach via WAIPA.

So, we clearly see that a lot has been achieved and we are growing but even more and greater value will be created for our members.

I would like to convey my gratitude to our growing membership for their continuous cooperation. I am honored to lead the WAIPA steering committee this term and to place my candidacy for hopefully another very successful term.


ArdaErmutDünya WBAF