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The WAIPA research analysis team frequently publishes papers and research results on our website, via Twitter and LinkedIn, newsflash and other venues. To learn more about WAIPA research, and more specifically the choice of areas, topics and priorities, have a look at the  WAIPA Research Strategy Working Paper

 Recent publications

Overview of Investment Promotion

“Overview of Investment promotion” reports the main findings from the WAIPA Annual Survey of 2018.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Number of IPAs worldwide increased substantially from 1990. On average an IPA is 18 years old.
  • 58% of IPAs have budget less than 5 million USD.
  • More than half of IPAs (51%) target FDI from China and USA.
  • The most targeted sectors by IPAs are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Tourism

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The state of investment in OIC member countries and the role of Export Credit Agencies and Investment Promotion Agencies

“The state of investment in OIC member countries and the role of Export Credit Agencies and Investment Promotion Agencies” is the joint publication by ICIEC, SESRIC and WAIPA.

Publication provides comprehensive overview on the state of investment in OIC countries, their FDI potential, and importance of ECAs (Export Credit Agencies) and IPAs (Investment Promotion Agencies) for reaching their development agendas.

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FDI, IPAs and SDGs

For more insights regarding the relation between FDI, IPAs, and SDGs, please find a selection of research papers by WAIPA and its Partners and Academics.

IPAs characteristics, their effectiveness and relation to FDI

Marketing a Country_FIAS_2000

The Effectiveness of IPAs at Attracting Foreign Direct Investment_2004

Evaluation of IPAs_UNCTAD_WAIPA_2008

Promotion of investment into infrastructure_UNCTAD_WAIPA_2008

Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking_World Bank_2009

Investment Promotion and FDI Inflows_ Harding and Javorcik_2011

Investment Promotion and FDI Inflows_Quality Matters_ Harding_Javorcik_2012

How Effective are IPAs_Evidence from China_Ni_Todo_Inui_2015

Mapping of Investment Promotion Agencies in OECD countries_OECD_ 2018


SDGs and sustainable FDI

Sustainable Development Impacts of Investment Incentives_iisd_2009

IPAs and Sustainable FDI_VALE Columbia Center_WAIPA_2010

Investment Incentives for Sustainable Development_The case of Lao PDR_iisd_2011

Investing in the SDGs_UNCTAD_2014

Sustainable Development and FDI_ WAVTEQ_2017

Towards an Indicative List of FDI Sustainable Characteristics_Karl P. Sauvant and Howard Mann_2017


Decent Work and Economic Growth









Reduced Inequalities