The FDI Excellence Series – “FDI Leadership” Training in Xiamen, China

This course was designed for agency management, department heads and team leaders and covered the key issues required to create and run an effective investment promotion operation, from integrating FDI with other functions such as trade, developing effective organizational and reporting systems, to building partnerships and engaging with outside stakeholders.

Topics included:

• Responding to the global trends that are shaping FDI flows and opportunities

• Developing a comprehensive investment attraction strategy

• Integrating investment attraction with other functions such as trade and tourism promotion

• Working successfully with partners from the private and public sector

• Managing key stakeholders

• Generating new sources of funding

• Measuring and communicating results


IPA professionals from 7 different countries has joined us to improve their leadership skills and update their knowledge on how to create and run an effective investment promotion operation. Thank you all for joining us and special thanks to guest speakers, WAIPA Steering Committee members Parana Development Agency and  Invest India for their valuable experience sharing and to CIFIT and WAIPA member Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China (CIPA) for hosting us.