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The FDI Excellence Series is a training program for investment promotion agencies from around the world. The program is designed for experienced investment promotion professionals and those that are new to the profession, no matter what type of agency they work for.

The FDI Excellence Series will be divided into four separate training courses, held in February, April, October and December 2019. Participants can choose to attend only one course or any combination of different courses. Each of the courses will cover a key area of investment attraction and promotion to offer the most comprehensive and practical foreign direct investment training available for investment promotion agencies anywhere in the world.


An overview of the 2018 FDI Excellence Series you can find in the report brochure.


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Location: Warsaw, Poland | Dates: 9 & 10 October 2019

This session is targeted to senior executives and management of investment promotion agencies and will address a range of issues that are critical to the success of an IPA, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive strategy to cover all aspects of investment attraction.
  • Successful integration of investment attraction with other promotional activities such as trade, tourism or innovation.
  • Structuring investment attraction activities organizationally to make the most of existing resources.
  • Building organizational capability and ensuring the right mix of skills in the IPA’s staff.
  • Collaborating effectively with partners including IPAs at different geographic levels, other government agencies, universities and the private sector.
  • Managing key stakeholders to ensure their support for investment attraction and the IPA.
  • Measuring the IPA’s performance and communicating the impact of FDI and the role of the IPA.
  • Working through government to enhance the investment environment and strengthen the role of the IPA.

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    Location: Rome, Italy | Dates: 3 & 4 December 2019

This session focuses on the promotional activities that an IPA conducts to raise awareness of the location and communicate its advantages to potential investors. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Integrating marketing effectively with investment attraction and the IPA’s other activities.
  • Developing and leveraging a location brand.
  • Positioning the location through persuasive “story-telling”
  • The effectiveness of different marketing channels and creating the optimal marketing mix
  • Using social media to achieve maximum impact.
  • Raising awareness of the location through public relations and communications.
  • Employing the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to drive results.

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Fees per course per person: WAIPA members: USD 1700 / Non-members: USD 2500

Should more than one person per agency participate we can offer group pricings:
* Members: Fee per course for second participant: USD 1600, Fee per course for third or any additional participant: USD 1500
** Non-members: Fee per course for second participant: USD 2300, Fee per course for third or any additional participant: USD 2000

Participants must cover and arrange their travel between their home country and the course venue as well as lodging, this is not included in the tuition fee. Furthermore, no emergency medical insurance is provided. Participants must ensure that they have a valid passport and appropriate visa for travel to the respective country.

The FDI Excellence Series trainings will be delivered by Andreas Dressler, who is one of the world’s leading advisors in the field of foreign direct investment, as well as other selected FDI practitioners and professionals.

Courses are open to all agencies from around the world, with a reduced registration fee for WAIPA members.


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