WAIPA-World Bank Pilot Executive Training

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WAIPA and the World Bank Group partnered to bring you an Executive Training on FDI. The course will take place on July 17-20 at the WAIPA Training Center at the Istanbul World Trade Center.

The training is tailored to executives and is free of charge for WAIPA members, with limited participation.

This 4-day training program will follow the investment life-cycle logic to help IPAs and policymakers strengthen capacities to more effectively attract, establish, retain and expand FDI, as well as to link it to domestic economies.

Sessions will include a combination of best-practice sharing, research summaries, moderated group discussions, a case study as well as insights from IPA management and investors, around the following topics:

• The evolution of FDI, its role in development, international investment agreements; • The relationship between trade and investment and the current debate on globalization;  • Diversifying the economy with FDI: from theory to practice • Anchoring Investment Policy Reforms: designing, approving and implementing investment laws; • Effective Investment Promotion to attract, establish, retain and expand FDI; • Removing Barriers to Entry; • Investment Incentives: types, and when they do work; • Making Investors Stay in the Long Term: investment protection, retention, and expansion • Promoting Linkages between FDI and the Local Economy: the missing link!

Facilitators and speakers will include specialists from the World Bank Group, WAIPA, as well as from selected National Investment Promotion Agencies and the business sector.

Download the Information Letter on Executive Training on FDI